Welcome to the Amsterdam Privacy Conference 7-10 October

From smartphones to cloud computing, from big data to social media, the exploding use of information technology and its many applications will be a source of massive social and economic changes for years to come. Privacy is one of the areas widely believed to be affected by these changes. Developments such as digital surveillance, electronic profiling, social media, ‘do not track’, privacy-friendly business models, digital records, database interconnection, business intelligence and behavioral marketing have a profound effect on privacy in all its facets.

In the past, privacy has mostly been addressed from a single perspective, for example legal, philosophical, sociological, technical, medical or psychological. At present, however, it is acknowledged that privacy has many facets, and researchers and professionals worldwide are working together to address privacy from a truly interdisciplinary approach.


This unique interdisciplinary conference is taking place October 7-10 at the intimate venue of Felix Meritis in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is organized by the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR), an initiative of the University of Amsterdam with active participants from such diverse disciplines as philosophy, law, economics, informatics, social sciences, medical sciences and media sciences.

APC 2012 will bring together leading experts in the field of privacy who will formulate, discuss and answer the challenging privacy questions that lie ahead of us.

Keynote speakers will include renowned scholars and leading practitioners, such as Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University), Ross Anderson (Cambridge University), Peter Hustinx (EDPS), Helen Nissenbaum (New York University), Sandra Petronio (Indiana University), Priscilla Regan (George Mason University), and many more. 

The conference will explore emerging and critical trends in privacy, including but not limited to:

  • Privacy by design
  • Value and principles of privacy
  • Privacy and healthcare
  • Economics of privacy
  • Privacy in the internet age
  • Privacy and security